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We, at Partners In Freedom LLC D/B/A Autumn Ridge Primary Care, are committed to delivering high quality health care with a team-based approach focusing on prevention and education through a Patient Centered Medical Home setting. We strive to educate patients on self care and provide resources and education to enhance their overall Mental and Physical well-being in a supportive, friendly and caring environment.

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Our Story.

Located in Monmouth County, New Jersey, Partners in Freedom believes that optimal health is achieved through a patient/physician relationship.
We encourage your participation in your medical care. We believe as a patient you are entitled to respect and compassion from our physicians and staff and we are dedicated to providing outstanding quality healthcare in a compassionate and caring environment.

Meet our Providers

Partners In Freedom currently has 2 doctors and 2 nurse practitioners to provide the quality healthcare support you deserve. To learn about each provider, click on a name.

Dr. Janice Siciliano D.O.
Monday through Friday

Dr. Donald Micallef M.D.
Monday through Friday

Anne-Marie Mercadante RN, MS, APNC
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

Anna Donaldson APRN, FNP-C
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday  


Partners In Freedom is Proudly Recognized by PCMH

What It Means For You as a Patient

The patient-centered medical home (PCMH) is an approach to providing comprehensive primary care. The PCMH will broaden access to primary care, while enhancing care coordination. Clinicians practicing in the highest level medical home will:

*Take personal responsibility and accountability for the ongoing care of patients;

*Be accessible to their patients on short notice for expanded hours and open scheduling;

*Be able to conduct consultations through email and telephone;

*Utilize the latest health information technology and evidence-based medical approaches, as well as maintain updated electronic personal health records;

*Conduct regular check-ups with patients to identify looming health crises, and initiate treatment/prevention measures before costly, last-minute emergency procedures are required;

*Advise patients on preventative care based on environmental and genetic risk factors they face;

*Help patients make healthy lifestyle decisions;

*And Coordinate care, when needed, making sure procedures are relevant, necessary and performed efficiently.

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Insurances We Accept

Partners In Freedom participates with a variety of health plans. A current list of accepted plans are listed below:
Horizon BCBS
Tricare/US Family
Existing Patients Only: UnitedHealthcare Community Plan